Super Mario kart 3D

I'm sure you all know that Super Mario is a great karting pilot so here is your chance to take part to a kart racing championship. Once you start playing you are given the option to choose between carrier mode or single race mode and 5 different difficulty levels. I would say to go for the single race mode first in order to get a better feeling of the kart handling while driving and also to get a better picture of the race tracks so that once you start the carrier mode you are aware of all. Once the race starts try to use the fast areas as much as possible because this will give you a great advantage and you will be able to outrun your opponents more easy. Personally I have played this game over and over again because it's fun and I have enjoyed it every single time, it has very nice 3D graphics, great music and I'm also a great fan of Mario.

How to play "Super Mario kart 3D"

Use the arrows to speed, brake and steer.

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