Super Mario Street Fight

I'm sure you've heard of Street Fighter 2, actually I'm quite possitve that you played and enjoy it a lot because it is one of the most popular fighting games in the whole history of video games. Super Mario also loves it so he decided to organize a tournament in the Mushroom Kingdom and invited the greatest champions to take part to this challenge. Now it\'s up to you once you choose your favorite character to win this tournament. Once you start playing you will be astonished by the quality of the graphics as well as the all the other great features of this game. Just like in the real Street Fighter 2 you can make use of combo hits and special power attacks and must win two rounds in a match in order to qualify for the next battle.

How to play "Super Mario Street Fight"

Player 1: W, A, S,D to move and jump; U,I,O -punch attack | J, K, L - kick attack. Player 2: Arrows to move and jump; 4,5,6 -punch attack | 1 2, 3 - kick attack.

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